Berkshire Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church

900 State Road • Lanesboro, MA, 01237-9515
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The Bible Says




Thank you for visiting our website.  We hope as you explore and learn more about our church and its ministries you will be blessed.  Our prayer is that you would also choose to worship with us.  Whether it's on a weekend when you are enjoying the beauthiful Berkshire Hills or if you chose to become part of our church family, you will find a welcome haven within our walls and amongst our members. 

Our church is one of a three-part district, the other two churches being located in Shelburne Falls, MA, and Canaan, Connecticut.  Pastor Farley is usually here at Berkshire Hills to teach and preach on the first Sabbath of every month, at the Canaan church the second Sabbath, and at the Shelburne Falls church the third Sabbath.  Occasionally there is a change in schedule depending on special circumstances.  Email him directly if you have a question (see "Contact Us" link).

Our goal as a congregation is to live and show the character of God in every instance.  Our various ministries exist for the purpose of reaching and connecting with people who may want to know more about what God is like, why things are the way they are, how to live at peace in challenging times, what the Bible teaches, and how to have hope both for now and the future. 

We welcome the opportunity to become acquainted with you and to become friends. You can reach us in several ways. (See the "Contact Us" link for details.)  1) The most direct and timely way is to email Pastor Farley.  2) You can leave a message on the church machine, but it may take some time for a return call.  3)  You can stop by the church on Saturday mornings.  The main worship service begins about 11am, with Bible study from about 9:45-10:45.  Whatever method you choose to reach us, please know that we are interested in becoming your friends and in growing together with you in our understanding of God and His character of love.


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Upcoming Events

Prayer Meeting - Nov 22, Thu 1:30 PM - Please join us for the church's weekly Prayer Meeting.
Sabbath School - Nov 24, Sat 9:30 AM - The Church at study. Various Bible subjects each quarter. Mark...